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About the Redwood Coast Village


Redwood Coast Village (RCV) is a volunteer-based membership organization.  RCV is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  RCV provides specific types of volunteer services, information, and referrals to its members to assist them in living independently in their own homes and engaged in their communities as they age.  RCV is not a substitute for services specifically designed to support individuals who are no longer able to live independently.  In no way does RCV membership negate the need for long-term care insurance.  Our RCV Handbook is available online (PDF).


We encourage neighbors helping neighbors and support seniors being active, independent, and socially connected to their communities.  This grassroots Humboldt County organization is linked to the nationwide “Village” movement and is a member of the “Village to Village” Network.

The Village Movement


"Villages” are a grassroots effort to address the current and unfolding challenges of an older America.  Originally started in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts in 2002, the Village concept arose out of community members’ desire to reside in their own homes while being able to access services that address their changing lifestyles as they aged.  At its core, the Village movement is consumer- and customer-driven.


There are over 190 open Villages and 150 developing Villages across the country that are members of the Village to Village Network.  We are members of the Village Network (, which offers critical information on developing and sustaining a Village, including legal and business information and ongoing support.

A Cost Effective Solution


Right now 20% of the people in Humboldt County are over the age of 60 and is expected to increase to 25% in ten years.  As the local population ages, seniors are looking for better ways to maintain a good quality of life.  That includes being able to age in their own homes and neighborhoods if they so choose.  Aging in place becomes easier with just a little help.


Currently, assisted living facilities in Humboldt County can cost from $1,300 to $6,000 per month.  Skilled Nursing facilities are in the $9,000 a month range.  Avoidable accidents can impact local emergency rooms and seriously change an older person’s life.  The average annual cost of an individual Village membership in the U.S. was only $438 in 2012.  Villages are cost-effective for both communities and individuals.

Hub and Spoke Concept


A Village “Hub” provides the management infrastructure for the Village.  The Hub maintains the non-profit 501(c)(3) status, management software, liability insurance, accounting, online and telephone service with staffing by volunteers and paid employees. The Spokes tailor the service for their area to serve members' needs.  A Spoke in Fieldbrook, for example, would find local volunteers first for rides or in-home help, before relying on people in neighboring areas.  Services provided in the heart of Eureka, could be different than what is needed in the more rural areas of the county.