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What Does a Membership Provide?


Plenty!  You can get rides from our Going Your Way program to appointments, social events, classes and errands.  Helping Hands volunteers can help you understand everyday technology, from Facebook and tablets to your cell phone and more.  People will help with occasional pet care, home care such as light housekeeping or simple maintenance, or give a hand in the garden.


These services are carried out by Volunteers, and are available up to six times per month for an Individual and nine times a month for a Two-Person Household.  If you think you will need more help, for instance getting several rides a week to physical therapy following an operation or injury, check in with our coordinator in advance and we’ll be flexible.


What does your membership include?

  •      Going Your Way – Rides to appointments, social events, and errands.


  • Helping Hands– For light handiwork, occasional pet care, and help with home technology among other things a friend or good neighbor might do.

  • Member-Recommended Businesses – For things a friend or neighbor can't do, we have a file of businesses recommended by our members.  Need a plumber, roofer, electrician, landscaper, auto repair person or more?  Give a call and get up to three names of professionals in the category you are looking for.  We need your help to keep our list up to date and complete – have tradespeople you’d like to recommend?  Let us know!  After you have experience with one of the companies on our list, we’ll follow up to see how it went and ask for your feedback.


  • Social Connections – We’ll help you meet new people and have fun!

  • One-Call Referrals – Looking for resources and don’t know where to turn?  Our one-call help center will find the answer for you, drawing upon extensive files of information.

  • Personal Check-in Phone Call – We'll make a call to your home to see that all is well.

But remember, Volunteers may not always be available when you need them.  We need lead-time – at least two business days  - to let the team of volunteers know about your need, and even then there may be times when no one is free to help at the time you prefer.  Village membership is an opportunity to tap into a wider range of options to meet your needs, but not a guarantee of service.


Become a Member of the Redwood Coast Village

Who Makes up the Village?


Redwood Coast Village (RCV) membership is open to residents of Humboldt County, California aged 50 and above who need just a little help to stay in their own homes.  We welcome members from throughout our diverse community, and also seek volunteers of all ages to assist them from every race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and cultural group that makes up our diverse community.  We are looking for members, and local volunteers to serve them, from communities throughout the county.  Please note, areas of service will need to have a good balance of volunteers and members.


Currently we are seeking members and volunteers in these communities:

Arcata / Fickle Hill / West End / Alliance
Bayside / Sunny Brae / Old Arcata Rd
Blue Lake / Glendale / Fieldbrook
Eureka / Cutten / Myrtletown / Ridgewood
Freshwater / Greenwood Heights / Kneeland
Humboldt Hill / Fields Landing / King Salmon
McKinleyville / Fieldbrook
Trinidad / Big Lagoon / Westhaven

Areas will be added as we are
able to provide volunteer based
services to the community



Membership criteria are as follows:


1.  Reside in an area where current services are available.

2.  Member applicant must be 50 years of age or older.

3.  Responsible for and capable of making key decisions about one's own life.

4.  Live in a residence that presents no known threats to health or safety for self or others.

5.  Self-sufficient in meeting personal care needs, either through self-care or arrangements with a personal care giver.

6.  Willing to provide advance contact information of a family member, friend, or other trusted individual who RCV staff or volunteers is permitted to contact in case of an emergency.